• Accommodation

    Tent cities

    Tent cities are part of the area. Opening hours - from Friday 14 June 2024 from 12.00 p.m. until Sunday 16 June 2024 at 12:00 p.m.

    Camping at the festival is free - it is included in the price of the festival ticket.

    • one tent town is located in the direction of Trenčín (for visitors on foot)
    • the other in the direction of the festival parking lot

    Camping in tent cities is reserved for festival visitors only.
    The campsites are divided into sectors, separated by paths - corridors. Please observe the safety escape gaps when building the tent and do not block the natural paths.

    Camping in the corridors of the camp, in the parking lot and outside the reserved areas is prohibited - tents erected in this way will be packed with accessories and stored at the Camp manager's office in the nearest tent city, where the owners can pick them up after identification.

    In the tent cities, as well as in the entire festival area, the following is prohibited:

    • to put on fire
    • use stoves with open flames
    • explosives of any kind, including fireworks
    • entry by car

    If you smoke, smoke with caution.

    In the event of a fire, immediately contact the security service, the organizing service or the fire brigade - several fire engines are stationed at the festival.

    If you throw away waste, try to use the nearest container, or leave behind waste wrapped in plastic bags. "Each tent" gets 1 bag for waste disposal. When leaving, please tie up the bags and take them to the nearest container or large-capacity container, or leave them in place. If you do not receive the bags, or if you have already filled them, contact the Camp manager or part-timers in the campsites.

    The organizers are not responsible for the safety of things in the tent city, so we recommend not leaving valuable items, money, etc. in the tents. If you have valuables with you, use the lockers at the entrances to the area.

    The campsites are equipped with social facilities and cisterns with drinking water.

    Please follow the instructions of the organizers.

  • Hygiene


    Available at the festival:

    • more than 150 flush toilets
    • more than 300 chemical toilets
    • WC for ZŤP visitors

    Showers and washrooms are located in the hygiene centers opposite the main stage and next to the entrance from the parking lot.

    Please note that the water in the showers from the parking lot is not drinkable , use the cisterns and refreshment stands to drink water.

  • Snacks


    At the festival, there is a sufficient number of food stalls with a complete range of food (including vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free) and drinks. They will be clearly in one gastrozone. You can find the exact location of the gastro zone and vendors on the festival map. For this reason, it is not necessary for visitors to bring their own refreshments. Bringing glass bottles, glass cups and knives into the festival is prohibited (for safety reasons). A sufficient number of covered refreshment tents with protection from rain and sun are prepared for visitors.

    Snažíme sa pre Vás vybrať rozmanitú ponuku jedál, tak aby si každý našiel čo mu bude chutiť. výlučne v kompostovateľných riadoch.

    Types of food at the festival:

    • classic dishes such as grilled sausages, classic and stuffed langoustines, hotdogs, potato pancakes, grilled skewers,
    • Slovak classics: gnocchi, strapačky, harula, pirohy, šuľance, podpecníky
    • different types of burgers, fries with different types of sauces, casseroles, wraps, pastrami
    • international cuisine: Italian pizza, Mexican burritos, quesadilla, Thai cuisine, Turkish kebab, Indian cuisine.
    • sweet favorite snacks such as doughnuts, fritters, patties (they are also offered salty), buns and steamed pancakes, strudels.
    • fruits, vegetables, smoothies, fruit salads, pies...
    • and much more.
  • Security


    The safety of visitors and vehicles at the festival is a priority for us. Security at the festival is taken care of by the security service. It serves to protect visitors, vehicles and guard the festival premises. It is recognizable by its uniform clothing (with the inscription SECURITY). The security service is supplemented by our temporary employees. For the smooth running of the festival, it is necessary to follow the instructions of the security and organizing services within their competences. It is necessary to have a visitor's identification - a festival bracelet - for a stay at the festival. Outside the premises, Trenčín City Police and members of the state police take care of security.

    Competences and duties of the security service:

    • checking tickets and festival wristbands (including the tent city)
    • personal search (to prevent the introduction of dangerous and unauthorized objects - it is forbidden to bring into the festival area any objects that threaten safety or health, namely:

    - weapons of any kind (including kitchen knives)

    - hammers and other metal tools

    - glass containers and bottles

    - pyrotechnic objects

    - open fire and any type of cooker

    - umbrellas

    - objects threatening safety

    - drugs and psychotropic substances

    - combustibles

    - bicycles, skateboards (and other boards), inline skates, scooters and similar means of transport

    - flying drones and similar mechanical devices

    • removal from the premises (unmarked persons, aggressive persons, persons threatening security, unauthorized sellers and sellers violating the sales contract, dealers of any drugs and psychotropic substances...)
    • guidance of movement or evacuation
    • preventing visitors from entering areas not reserved for the public
    • assistance to visitors in wheelchairs and holders of ZŤP-S cards accompanied by an escort when entering backstage and areas with restricted access
    • information about the health service
    • protection of performers, visitors and festival equipment

    In the event of any problem with members of the security service, or in the event of any security threat or risk, please inform the organizers of Emergency helpline 0910 858 949

    Crowd assistants
    During the concerts, crowd assistants will be marked with yellow vests in the space between the stage and visitors and in the stands. Crowd assistants monitor the events during the concert, help visitors with nausea, dehydration or excessive pressure in the first rows. Do not hesitate to contact them and ask for help. In the event of major problems, the crowd assistants are also helped by members of the festival security.

    Emergency line
    The emergency information line 0910 858 949 is available to festival visitors, but also to their loved ones who are not at the festival. Please use the line only in case of an exceptional or emergency situation (accident, fire, theft...). It is in operation exclusively during the duration of the festival.

    Escape zones
    There are three main exits at the festival:

    • two festival gates GATE B (Biskupice) and GATE O (Opatovce)
    • one opposite the main stage

    All exits are marked with the sign EXIT.

    Escape exits - EXITS - are marked on the evacuation map on our website. The evacuation map will also be placed on our website in the MAPS section.

    In the event that there should be an accelerated emptying of the area, or a concentration in a selected place, we ask visitors to maintain balance and follow the instructions of the security service.

  • What to bring

    What to bring

    Insurance card, identity card, hygiene items, money or payment card (mostly non-cash payments will be accepted throughout the campus), things to sleep in according to your own level of difficulty, necessary medicines. ATTENTION - a raincoat (umbrellas are prohibited) and rubber shoes can also be collected, be sure to bring headgear of your choice - caps, hats, scarves, etc. Think about your health and sun protection (sunscreens, headgear, drinking regimen...).

    And something warm to wear at night. It can be pretty cold at night at the airport.

  • Kids and teenagers

    Kids and teenagers

    The conditions for tickets for children and teenagers are as follows:

    • Children under 14 including have free entry. Of course, only accompanied by parents.
    • Youth from 15 up to 17 including are entitled to a discount according to the tariff.

    Tickets are available on our website in the TICKETS section.

    When entering the festival, each parent and their child will receive a special bracelet on which the child will have the phone number of the parent, who will be contacted by the security staff or our part-timers if necessary.

    In case of loss of a child, contact the organizers on the Emergency Information Line 0910 858 949.

    There is no children's corner at the festival, where you can leave your child under supervision.

    But we have prepared many attractions for children where they can romp to their heart's content. Several attractions, a cultural program, pedal cars, inflatables and other attractions are available.

    Parents are fully responsible for their children. There will be vehicles with a total value of 50 million euros in the area.

  • Drugs and alcohol


    Drugs are prohibited at the festival. Their sale and consumption are illegal and we point out that the situation will be monitored by the police on the spot.

    If there are possible problems related to drug use in your area or in your surroundings, do not be afraid to contact the health service, the doctors at the ambulance stations or the organizers in order to preserve your health. Place the victim in a stabilized position until the rescuers arrive so that suffocation cannot occur.

    Injecting drug users should remember that festivals are not perfectly hygienic. Think of others and protect them from your used gadgets. Avoid throwing needles into separate waste bins (it is manually sorted). Dispose of them e.g. by throwing into a plastic bottle/can, plugging, or by stepping on it and throwing it in the trash.


    Alcohol will be available at the festival in sufficient quantities. But keep in mind that the sun shines all day at the festival and three days is enough time to enjoy it.

    Bringing alcohol to the festival is strictly prohibited.

    The festival offers a very varied program, it is a place where strong emotions arise. We spend half a year preparing the best event of the year for you. I am sure that you will be able to appreciate it and enjoy it without unnecessary problems.

    Jozef Knopp.

  • Site map

    Site map


  • Parking


    The parking lot is located on the concrete runway and the surrounding grassy areas in the area of 800 x 170 m, i.e. j. on an area of 136,000 m2, with a capacity of 8,000 cars.

    The organizing service is in charge of organizing the parking lot. We ask you to respect its instructions, which serve to ensure the smooth operation of parking.

    Parking spaces are charged €10

    You can buy a parking ticket in the ticket section.

    Vstup na parkovisko je cez GATE P "parking" – nachádza na konci letiska od obce Opatovce.

    Od otvorenia v piatok od 8.00 hod.a parkovisko je otvorené nonstop do nedele 20.00 hod., posledný vstup je umožnený v nedeľu o 06.00 hod., opustenie parkoviska je možné do 20.00 hod., kedy sa parkovisko zatvára.

    Only cars and motorbikes with a valid ticket can enter the parking lot. This will be exchanged for a sticker on which the driver writes down the vehicle registration number and his phone number in case of necessary contact. With the sticker, repeated entry and exit is possible at any time according to the times mentioned above.

    We ask drivers to be considerate and to park in such a way that as many cars as possible fit comfortably in the parking lot.

    Camping in the parking lot is prohibited. The tents erected in the parking lot will be transferred with the equipment to the Camp manager's center in the tent camp behind GATE O.

    Parents with children up to 6 years of age (inclusive), pregnant women and visitors with limited mobility will be admitted to the parking lot by the parking service after purchasing a parking fee for any sector and showing the appropriate document (pregnancy book, in the case of children, e.g. health insurance card) P0, which is located right next to the gate to the festival area.

    Motorcycles have a reserved parking sector behind parking lot P0.

    Parking will not be possible at this time. If there is a lot of interest, we will also reserve a zone for caravans.

  • Garbage


    Carat festival tries to produce as little waste as possible. Thanks to active visitors and volunteers, we turn the resulting waste into secondary raw materials, or we carefully separate it and try to process it ecologically.

    A unique solution is the establishment of collection points, where trained workers, with the help of visitors, thoroughly separate plastics, paper and bio-waste. The collection points work non-stop, they also work as educational centers, where you will learn how to properly separate and what the cycle of individual materials is.

    In addition to the collection points, more than 100 containers for waste are placed in the festival area, always in such a way that they allow at least basic separation. All containers are marked with distinctive inscriptions.

    Festival nepoužíva žiadne jednorazové plasty okrem PET fliaš. Zálohované PET fľaše si môžete zobrať domov a následne zameniť v obchode, alebo ich môžete odovzdať v separačných stanovištiach. Celý výťažok z vrátených fliaš pôjde do nadácie Jozefa Knoppa. Darovaním zálohovanej fľaše alebo plechovky tak prispejete na pomoc všetkým motoristom ktorý to potrebujú.

    All dishes, cutlery and straws are compostable. Bio-waste from gastro stands, together with dishes, cutlery and straws, can be thrown into containers marked BIO after use. The festival also separates oil and glass waste generated in the background of the gastro sectors.

    In the tent city, "each tent" gets its own bag for municipal waste. There are stations in the campsites where visitors can put down the filled bags, or please close them and leave them in place when leaving.

    The amount of waste has been significantly reduced since we introduced deposit cups at festivals (the deposit per cup is €2). Used glasses can be exchanged for the same ones when buying another drink or handed over to designated collection points. Glasses are cleaned outside the festival area in a special line. Already two uses of a returnable cup are more ecological than disposable plastic cups.

  • Work on carat

    Work on carat

    We are recruiting to our team for manual help in the preparation of the festival, namely:

    • work in the parking lot
    • work at the entrance gates
    • temporary workers before and during the festival
    • And a lot of other work

    You can find information about the brigade in the section https://www.caratfestival.sk/praca-na-car-ate/.

    If you are interested in becoming a part-time worker before or during the festival, or if you can provide another service, register online.

    If you have questions about working at Car At Festival in general, you can find them in the section https://www.caratfestival.sk/praca-na-car-ate/.

    Why work for us?

    Participate in the creation of an exceptional festival atmosphere.

    The brigade can include work behind the cash register, auxiliary work - all with training.

    Brigade conditions:

    • work max. 8 hours a day during the festival in 3 shifts
    • salary approx. €5/hour
    • entrance to the festival is part of the brigade
    • a citizen of the Slovak Republic or the Czech Republic who has reached the age of 18 at the time of the festival
    • a citizen of the Czech Republic must be a student and be under 26 years old

    Registration and more information can be found at https://www.caratfestival.sk/praca-na-car-ate/

  • Dogs


    Dogs are prohibited from entering the festival grounds.

    Although we are dog lovers. Headed by the owner Jozef Knopp, the area for dogs is waterless. Too much noise, too many people. This will only harm your four-legged pet.

    I hope you understand and enjoy the festival even without the dogs.

  • Taxi


    Car At Festival cooperates with the ZOBERMA.SK application through which you can simply and easily order a taxi to bring you to the festival. They are marked with a "Car At Festival TAXI" sticker.

    Only taxis marked in this way will take you directly to the festival. All others will be stopped by the police at the turn to the airport. Next you will have to go on foot.

    The Taxi station is only at GATE B (entrance for pedestrian visitors) at the festival.

    The application has fixed contract prices, you pay for the ride, not the person. Fixed rates to and from the airport.

    You can download the application now here:

      Apple store Android

    +421 ??????????

  • Arrival by car

    Arrival by car

    We prepare